Monday, 11 July 2011

Removing an additional mailbox from Outlook 2010 fails with an error

If you had an additional mailbox attached to your Outlook and now you want to remove it, you right click the mailbox icon, click on Remove and it’s gone.

These additional accounts usually appear under File tab > Info > Account Settings > E-mail

But sometimes it doesn’t work and you might get a pop-up message saying:

“This group of folders is associated with an e-mail account. To remove the account, click the File Tab, and on the Info tab, click Account Settings. Select the e-mail account, and then click Remove.”

However, if you look under Account Settings, the account isn’t there.

You can still get rid of it using ADSIEdit. Open ADSIEdit and connect to the Domain context (Default naming context), find the account you want to remove from your Outlook, open its properties and under the Attribute Editor tab find the attribute called msExchDelegateListLink, click on edit and remove your account from the list. Restart your Outlook and the unwanted mailbox shouldn’t be there anymore.

More info on this issue can be found in Steve Goodman's Exchange blog:
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