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Enable MailTips in Exchange 2013

MailTips are informative messages displayed to users while they're composing a message. Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 analyzes the message, including the list of recipients to which it's addressed, and if it detects a potential problem, it notifies the user with MailTips prior to sending the message. With the help of the information provided by MailTips, senders can adjust the message they're composing to avoid undesirable situations or non-delivery reports (NDRs).

MailTips are implemented as a web service in Exchange 2013. When a sender is composing a message, the client software makes an Exchange web service call to the Client Access server to get the list of MailTips. The server responds with the list of MailTips that apply to that message, and the client software displays the MailTips to the sender.

The following messaging clients support MailTips:

• Outlook Web App
• Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later

The feature warns the sender about potential issues:

Invalid Internal Recipient: The sender adds a recipient that appears to be internal to the organization but doesn't exist.

Mailbox Full: The sender adds a recipient whose mailbox is full and your organization has implemented a Prohibit Receive restriction for mailboxes over a specified size.

Automatic Replies: The sender adds a recipient who has turned on Automatic Replies.

Custom: The sender adds a recipient for whom a customized MailTip is configured.

Restricted Recipient: The sender adds a recipient for which delivery restrictions are configured prohibiting this sender from sending messages.

External Recipients: The sender adds a recipient that's external, or adds a distribution group that contains external recipients.

Large Audience: the sender adds a distribution group that has more than the large audience size configured in your organization. By default, Exchange displays this MailTip for messages to distribution groups that have more than 25 members.

Moderated Recipient: The sender adds a recipient that's moderated and informs the sender that this may result in delay of the delivery.

Reply-All on Bcc: Te sender receives a Bcc copy of a message and selects Reply to All.

Oversize Message: The message the sender is composing is larger than configured message size limits in your organization.

MailTips are subject to the following restrictions:

• Due to the complexity of the implementation, the message size limits on the connectors in your organization aren't taken into account when processing Oversize Message MailTip.

• MailTips aren't supported when working in offline mode in Outlook.

• When a message is addressed to a distribution group, the MailTips for individual recipients that are members of that distribution group aren't evaluated. However, if any of the members is an external recipient, the External Recipients MailTip is displayed, which shows the sender the number of external recipients in the distribution group.

• If the message is addressed to more than 200 recipients, individual mailbox MailTips aren't evaluated due to performance reasons.

• Custom MailTips are limited to 175 characters.

• If the sender starts composing a message and leaves it open for an extended period of time, the Automatic Replies and Mailbox Full MailTips are evaluated every two hours.

Enable MailTips for the entire organisation:
Set-OrganizationConfig -MailTipsAllTipsEnabled $true

Configure the large audience size for your organization:
Set-OrganizationConfig -MailTipsLargeAudienceThreshold 50

Configure custom MailTips for recipients:
Set-Mailbox "Help Desk" -MailTip "A Help Desk representative will contact you within 2 hours."

Controlling the MailTips access scope:

When you enable MailTips over an organization relationship and set the access level to All, the recipient-specific MailTips, Mailbox Full, Automatic Replies, and custom MailTips, are returned for all users. However, you may only want to allow these MailTips for a specific set of users. For example, if you set up an organization relationship with a partner, you may want to allow these MailTips only for the users that work with that partner.

To achieve this, you need to first create a group and add all users for whom you want to share recipient-specific MailTips to that group. You can then specify that group on the organization relationship.

After you implement this restriction, your Client Access servers will first verify whether the recipient for whom they received a MailTips query is part of this group. If the recipient is a member of this group, the Client Access servers will proxy back all MailTips including the recipient-specific MailTips. Otherwise they won't include the recipient-specific MailTips in their response.

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